Seekers Starter Kit


A magnetic waterproof board with 12 reversible magnets.

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Seekers Starter Kit – Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

A magnetic waterproof board with 12 reversible magnets.  Magnets included are perfect for a general outdoor scavenger hunt.  This outdoor scavenger hunt is a favourite with active families.  An easy way to get the kids off their inside tech and outside into the great outdoors.  Can be enjoyed with one player or in groups where everyone finds the items.

  • A waterproof and durable magnetic board
  • 12 Seekers reversible magnets
  • 1 x large drawstring backpack to hold the board
  • 1 x small drawstring bag to hold the magnets
  • 20 x reward stickers

How to play: Each tile is placed picture upwards so that the explorer can see what they are hunting for.  Each time an item is found the corresponding tile is turned over to reveal a green tick.  The game is completed when all 12 ticks are shown.

The Magnetic Scavenger Hunt Game

Additional different themed magnets available as separate packs in small drawstring bags.

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