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thepumpkinstore is a family run business based in Rochester Kent. We also run a farm which grows pumpkins for pick your own. We have a passion for pumpkins and love all things orange and pumpkin!

thepumpkinstore has been evolving since 2010. At the start it was a table in the field selling drinks and sweets to our pumpkin picking customers during our PYO pumpkins event in October.

In 2014 we expanded and started selling pumpkin carving kits and lights as well as other Halloween related decorations. thepumpkinstore has been a pop-up shop in a marquee, in a field and the time has come to share our pumpkin goodies and passion with you all.

Pumpkin picking and Halloween have been growing in the UK over the last few years and we are working on encouraging our pumpkin picking guests to eat their pumpkins as well. The carving and decorating of pumpkins have become a family activity and we believe that we offer products to suit all abilities and budgets. Our products are sourced with quality in mind and although cheaper alternatives can be found they generally cannot be used year after year. We want the majority of our products to be reusable and be fit for purpose.

With single use plastic in the news every day we bare this in mind when sourcing items. We cannot determine what our products are packaged in but going forward we will actively source environmentally friendly as they become available. thepumpkinstore uses packaging and boxes free from plastic where possible. Our book wraps do not require extra packing tape and can be reused by you. Our boxes currently require packing tape but can be used again and the box is recyclable.

At thepumpkinstore we aim to treat our customers as we would like to be treated. We will receive your order, pick and package your items carefully and post them out to you. Should you encounter any problems please get in touch with us as soon as possible in order for us to solve the problem at sales@thepumpkinstore.co.uk.

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